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Bishop Gwynne College - South Sudan

In 2017, I had the privilege of teaching for 6 weeks at Bishop Gwynne College in Juba, South Sudan with my theologian husband. This trip began a different sort of project for me.


45 adults arrived at college from all corners of the country, sent by their bishops to learn about faith, ministry, and peace-making - all in English. These keen first years, despite tribal differences, gaps in schooling, and war-weariness, pulled together to tackle cheerfully the job of learning how to be adult learners. Almost 100 adults study at this college.


The materials from the English course I taught at BGC have formed the beginnings of a text book currently in development: English for Theological Education (working title).

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One thing we noticed in South Sudan was a high level of insecurity. Water, food, and electricity, would come and go. Prices would rise and rise again. Lecturers and tutors could not always be around to teach classes, as they all have other jobs to make ends meet.


In partnership with Anglican Aid, BGC and friends, we are currently fundraising for teachers' salaries, and to set up a micro-loan scheme so that the college can start small profit making businesses.


We have seen how a little can go a long way in South Sudan. 

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