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As a linguistic expert, I have worked alongside students and professionals with their theses,

ARC Grants and academic research.

Decide what sort of assistance you are looking for and contact me to find out about my reasonable rates and how I can help you achieve your goals.


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Writing Academically

‘Why haven’t I ever heard this before?’ I often hear this cry when I show research students and academics how to use simple patterns within sentences, paragraphs and sections to make their writing flow.


Send me a sample of your writing, then let’s talk.

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Managing Your Thesis and Research

If you are writing a long document and ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’ an individualised coaching program may be just the thing for you. We will apply research management tools tailored to your writing project to ensure accountability and a timely completion so you have a smooth touch down (rather than a crash landing!)

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Writing ARC Grant Proposals and Rejoinders

I give detailed writing and editing advice for research groups or individuals on grant proposals, working with grant writers throughout the process. I have a particular speciality helping female researchers to improve grant applications. (Yes, men and women write differently. Ask me how!) 

If you are new to grant writing, it can be stressful. Work together with me over several months in to plan, gather, write and polish a solid grant proposal. The field is competitive, and many factors come into play: track record, impact, feasibility, and innovation. Be sure you have covered all the bases, and be confident you are submitting a sound, well written grant proposal that is giving you and your research team the best chance for success. 

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Developing as a


Let’s plan your academic career including: opportunities for networking, writing for publication, presenting your research, winning grants, and promotion applications.

Consistent publication over many years is what it takes to have a strong track record, and open doors to winning research grants. Collaborating with senior and junior researchers in your field and across disciplines does not happen by accident. Work with me for a few hours a month to develop your research presence, and confidence.

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Presenting Your Research

Face it, most people are terrified of speaking in public. Yet presenting is fundamental to gaining the valuable contacts and feedback you need to hone your research. Let me help you prepare for the big day with a clear message and plenty of practice, be it a conference, 3-min thesis, job or promotion interview.

Right from the get-go, we can target conferences, write abstracts, prepare slides, and practice polishing your presentation until it sparkles.They say 'the camera never lies', so we can also video your practice sessions to get the wrinkles out, and give you a flying start to your academic career.

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Rescuing the thesis that got away 

Things do not always run smoothly. I give assistance to PhD candidates who are running out of time, or whose theses have not passed examination and require major changes. 

Life happens when you least expect. So much can happen on the journey through a research degree personally and professionally. Maybe your topic has changed dramatically, Maybe your supervisor has retired. Maybe you have started a family, or your family is overseas while you are studying here.


If you need to speed up your thesis for whatever reason, we can work together to set goals, write to a plan, and get the job 'done and dusted.'

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