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Engage an academic writing expert with consulting services for organisations and individuals.


See below for our wide range of services.


For Organisations

As a consultant, I work with universities and colleges to design and deliver research and grant writing courses and workshops best suited to students and researchers across the disciplines.

Decide what sort of assistance you are looking for and contact me to find out about my reasonable rates.

Ready to Get Published

Intensive Research Writing Course (IWC)

The intensive writing course (3 hours per week for 1 semester, 36 hours) is suitable for research students who are actively writing theses or papers for publications. Depending on the student discipline, the course either follows the textbook 'Academic Writing for Graduate Student's (Swales and Feak 2012) or 'Writing Scientific Research Articles' (Cargill and O'Connor, 2000) as well as introducing students to a range of online writing resources. 


Students will learn and use academic language patterns, as identified using a genre approach, which are central to academic writing. In addition to using a textbook, students will collect and analyse journal articles from their discipline and speciality area, in order to observe discipline-specific patterns, register and style. 


During the course, students will receive weekly, detailed feedback from the lecturer and their peers on both assigned writing and sections of  draft thesis chapters or papers.


Laptop Writing

Becoming a Researcher Workshop

This popular full day workshop is particularly tailored to first year HDR students. We will discuss what it means to be a researcher, including how to manage research, maintain motivation, work well with a supervisor and structure the overall shape and message of a proposal and a thesis. Using authentic texts in participants’ disciplines, we will analyse patterns commonly found in quality research writing.


To help participants learn to write smoothly, we will apply a variety of cohesive approaches to participants’ own draft writing. Participants will bring along: two scholarly journal articles from their specific research area, their thesis title, a draft table of contents, an example of current writing such as a draft proposal or chapter (no matter how rudimentary), a mug, and a sense of humour!


Each participant receives a comprehensive research writing workbook and ‘show bag.’ 

Sunny Backyard

Writing Publications Retreat

This full day workshop is particularly targeting second or third year research students or early career researchers who are working on a potentially publishable piece of writing.


During this retreat, participants will practise the writing techniques of successful writers while working on their current drafts, setting realistic writing goals. We will examine the construction of a cohesive message through outlining, word choice, sentence and paragraph structure and strategic placement of the main idea/argument.


The day will consist of guided writing sessions punctuated by short input sessions and opportunities for small group feedback. To make the most of this focused writing space, communication with the outside world will be limited (phones off, no internet), and lunch is provided by the host institution.


Each participant receives a comprehensive retreat workbook. Online follow-up sessions are recommended to ensure participants are publication ready.


Young People at a Workshop

Project Managing Your Thesis Workshop

The pressures on Higher Degree Research  (HDR) students to complete their theses ‘on-time’ are considerable. Yet distractions and setbacks can quickly derail a promising research project. HDR students will reach timely completions by activating their support team, and by being accountable to realistic benchmarks through a workable action plan.


This hands-on workshop will introduce supervisors to a simple but effective thesis management program currently helping to improve HDR completions in three Australian universities.

Contact me to find out how to book this workshop for your college or university.


The Persuasive Art of Grant Writing

Convincing a panel of experienced ARC assessors that a research project is worth funding is a specialised art. I will introduce a new approach to grant writing based on key linguistic principles.


Participants will learn to hone the central aim of the project, highlight the project’s significance, clearly articulate its contributions, and boost competency claims about the research team. T


his workshop is designed for early career researchers as well as seasoned researchers in an open exchange of collegial knowledge and grant writing experience.


It is relevant to grant writers from all disciplines.

Support Groups

Supervisors' Writing Workshop

Whether you supervise a few research students or are responsible for a whole swag of them, each one comes with their own unique traits.


How do you keep each student on track with their research? How do you motivate them? How do you encourage them to 'write early, write often?'

In this workshop, we will explore thesis management tools which can help both you and your students to stay on track to meet research milestones.


We will also practice using a range of writing tools and techniques to help you to pass on the writing skills your students need. 

For Individuals

When you first learned to ride a bike you probably wobbled. Hopefully, someone was there just to help you keep going, until you got the hang of it. Working your way through academic challenges is much the same. It is a whole lot more fun with a mate running alongside you, at least for a little while. I can work with you one a specific task, or for a set timeframe.


Decide what sort of assistance you are looking for and contact me to find out about my reasonable rates.

Green Typewriter

Writing Academically

‘Why haven’t I ever heard this before?’ I often hear this cry when I show research students and academics how to use simple patterns within sentences, paragraphs and sections to make their writing flow.


Send me a sample of your writing, then let’s talk.

Laptop & Coffee

Managing Your Thesis and Research

If you are writing a long document and ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’ an individualised coaching program may be just the thing for you. We will apply research management tools tailored to your writing project to ensure accountability and a timely completion so you have a smooth touch down (rather than a crash landing!)

Student Writing

Writing ARC Grant Proposals and Rejoinders

I give detailed writing and editing advice for research groups or individuals on grant proposals, working with grant writers throughout the process. I have a particular speciality helping female researchers to improve grant applications. (Yes, men and women write differently. Ask me how!) 

If you are new to grant writing, it can be stressful. Work together with me over several months in to plan, gather, write and polish a solid grant proposal. The field is competitive, and many factors come into play: track record, impact, feasibility, and innovation. Be sure you have covered all the bases, and be confident you are submitting a sound, well written grant proposal that is giving you and your research team the best chance for success. 

Outdoor Study Group

Rescuing the thesis that got away 

Things do not always run smoothly. I give assistance to PhD candidates who are running out of time, or whose theses have not passed examination and require major changes. 

Life happens when you least expect. So much can happen on the journey through a research degree personally and professionally. Maybe your topic has changed dramatically, Maybe your supervisor has retired. Maybe you have started a family, or your family is overseas while you are studying here.


If you need to speed up your thesis for whatever reason, we can work together to set goals, write to a plan, and get the job 'done and dusted.'

Traditional Library

Developing as a


Let’s plan your academic career including: opportunities for networking, writing for publication, presenting your research, winning grants, and promotion applications.

Consistent publication over many years is what it takes to have a strong track record, and open doors to winning research grants. Collaborating with senior and junior researchers in your field and across disciplines does not happen by accident. Work with me for a few hours a month to develop your research presence, and confidence.

Woman Lecturer

Presenting Your Research

Face it, most people are terrified of speaking in public. Yet presenting is fundamental to gaining the valuable contacts and feedback you need to hone your research. Let me help you prepare for the big day with a clear message and plenty of practice, be it a conference, 3-min thesis, job or promotion interview.

Right from the get-go, we can target conferences, write abstracts, prepare slides, and practice polishing your presentation until it sparkles.They say 'the camera never lies', so we can also video your practice sessions to get the wrinkles out, and give you a flying start to your academic career.

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